Wicked Colors W101-00 2-Ounce Wicked Primary Set Airbrush Createx Colors

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Style Name:Wicked Colors Cool Set

  • Wicked Colors are transparent colors with a high pigment load for excellent coverage out-of-the-bottle yet can be over-reduced to make thin colors perfect for detailed, low psi airbrushing.
  • Wicked Primary Set contains 2oz. each: Opaque White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue and 4012 High Performance Reducer.
  • Wicked Colors are made with lightfast pigments and an exterior-grade resin which dries matte and is universally compatible with all types of primers, paints and clears.
  • For best results when using Wicked Colors for automotive, plastic and hard-surfaces, mix with Createx Colors 4030 Intercoat (not included). Createx Colors 4030 Intercoat sold separately.
  • Water-based. Meets ASTM D-4236. Manufactured by Createx Colors. Made in the U.S.A.

Style Name:Wicked Colors Primary Set

Wicked Colors by Createx Colors are multi-surface, transparent airbrush colors suitable for any airbrush project. Wicked Colors 2oz. Primary Set contains is perfect for any airbrush project: textile, textile, automotive & hard-surface, canvass, paper, plastic, wood and more. Set includes 5 bottles of Wicked Colors 2oz. each: Opaque White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue and 1 bottle of 4012 High Performance 2oz.

Customer reviews(8)

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December 5, 2012
First a disclaimer that I haven't tried other acrylics yet with my airbrush. Compared to using solvent-based paints, these have very different properties, but that's more likely the difference in style of paint rather than Wicked specifically. My goal was to find a good water-based paint for the environmental benefits. That said, my comments are as follows:

- Though technically ready to use from the bottle, I found a 1:1 ratio mix (2:1 for blue) with the reducer gave the smoothest results. This means that this set will quickly run out of reducer.

- While the drying time was relatively short, especially with a hair dryer between coats, this only gave me a surface dry. Testing for me indicated that the surface was not fully workable until the paint had set overnight. This means that any sanding needed on the surface (to remove a dust speck for example) could only happen a full day later. Sanding any sooner would result in deep scratching that required sanding back down to primer and starting over. Even waiting overnight meant sanding only with a very fine grit and very lightly to sort of polish out the dust specks. I'd be very curious to know other painters experience with this.

- I only used the black, red and blue so far. Black and red went on fine (black over dark primer and red over white) with smooth, even coverage. The blue, however, was very different (also over white primer). The pigment was much thinner (which is why I used less reducer than the others) and it was very difficult to get even coverage. Unlike the others that gave opaque coverage after a few coats, the blue never really achieved opacity. I instead just had to go on very lightly with even coats to get a deeper and deeper blue until I was comfortable with it. The blue never did reach its full saturation color even after using about a third of the bottle (compared to maybe 1/10 of the bottle for the other colors). I would prefer to find a different blue in the future. In hindsight, the Wicked website does show you what each color will look like over black and white primer. The red, for example, looks like a full red over either primer, but blue is a night and day difference.

- Overall the durability feels good. All of my coats went on lightly (too wet of a coat looked and felt too thick). For many applications, the durability might be fine on its own, but I could dent it with my fingernail if I really tried. I opted to use a clear coat over it (Krylon) that really makes it feel more durable.

In summary, I'll use these again, at least to use up what I already have. Aside from the blue, I really didn't need much paint, so they'll last awhile. I'd like to find another water-based option for comparison, at least for the blue pigment, so any recommendations would be appreciated.
March 10, 2015
Fantastic little starter set for exploring new territory for my airbrushing. I learned alot about thinning properly and getting a milky consistency in the brush. Works perfectly with my Iwata airbrush and gives a nice coating anywhere between 20-30 psi. I'm practicing with it and will be detailing my tank when the weather improves. I ordered the additional colors to so i can add depth to my paintings without as much mixing/matching. Perfect little starter intro set if you're wanting to explore this color collection!
Ron S
May 25, 2017
This is my new paint of choice for painting RC car bodies. Spays super consistent with excellent coverage and vivid color. Using the included 4012 reducer allows you to thin the paint for fine/low air pressure detail work.
David Tuck
May 7, 2017
I love this set and am very glad that I bought it! The flesh tone mixes with greens and reds and violets to produce really great looking and true flesh tones. Its like magic! I love it, and the Createx quality beats any other airbrush paints. I highly recommend!
October 11, 2016
Great paints overall. Great detail work, and the
March 2, 2014
The paint was great it flowed through my badger airbrush without any reducing no tip dry and great coverage. Shipping was fast but when I got it the green was open and spilled all over. Contacted seller and never got a response back. But the paint is awesome.
May 27, 2018
The kit contains 5 colors and a bottle of reducer. The main flesh color was unusable in my kit. It either was stored improperly or old. The pigments would not mix and the lighter pigment was solidified at the bottom. I have purchased this kit many times since its introduction over the years from others and love it. I was extremely disappointed that my email went unanswered. Make sure you check each color when you purchase this kit
July 17, 2018
great product. very bright and vibrant! He recommends!

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