Turboxs Parts BOVHRFL Type H-RFL Blow Off Valve

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  • Pop Off Valve: various makes various models turbo charged engines running up to 25 psi boost; Type H-RFL Blow Off Valve; billet aluminum body

Turbo XS BOVHRFL Pop Off Valve various makes various models turbocharged engines running up to 5 psi boost Type H-RFL Blow OffValve billet aluminum bodyType H-RFL BOVWith new and improved styling, the Type H-RFLBOV remains true to its roots its still really fnloud! Like all Turbo XS valves, the RFLrelieves compressor pressure surge caused by changing gears orbacking off the throttle and has been used on turbo charged enginesrunning upto 35 psi boost. If you need to ask how loud it is, thisvalve is too loud for you! Type H-RFL Blow Off Valvecomes standard with both a mild steel and aluminum weld-onadapters.Bolt-on kits are available for most OEMturbocharged applications.

Customer reviews(3)

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December 15, 2015
Can't give this any higher. No matter how many washers input in or out even cut the spring it will always have a boost leak or compressor flutter.
March 23, 2017
Have this on my turbo propane crawler and sounds great.
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January 10, 2014
looks great and it was really easy to install in my car and it just sounds awesome and it looks really good when you open your hood and people see it

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