CorningWare French White Bakeware Set (20-Piece, White) 1124425

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Style Name:French 20-Piece

  • CorningWare French White Bakeware Set includes one of each: 2.5-quart oval with glass lid, 1.5-quart oval with plastic lid, 2.5-quart round with glass lid, 1.5-quart round with plastic lid, 15-ounce oval with plastic lid, 15-ounce round with plastic lid, 16-ounce oval with plastic lid, 16-ounce round with plastic lid. Set also includes two of each: 24-ounce round with plastic lids, 7-ounce ramekins with plastic lids.
  • Oven-to-table bakeware and glass lids are both versatile and stylish. Bake and serve in one dish. BPA-free plastic lids help keep food fresh.
  • Durable stoneware material resists chipping and cracking. High-gloss exterior is non-porous, easy to clean, and won't absorb flavors, odors, or stains.
  • Oven (pre-heated), dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave safe.
  • Bakeware and glass lids come with a 1-year limited warranty. Plastic lids come with a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturer defect.

Customer reviews(8)

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January 9, 2018
I had a set similar to this with just a large and a small bowl that I inherited and I used it for the last 25 years and loved them. Unfortunately I lost the larger of the bowls to a teenage dishwasher. I thought it would be a straightforward standard thing to order from amazon. What the product description does not tell you is that these are not the same as the original Corningware. My large piece from the new set broke in the oven at 350 the first time I used it so I thought I maybe got a manufacturer defect or it had a bubble in it, no big deal, at this price I could forgive a manufacturing glitch. I tried to use the next smallest size in the microwave to boil water and it shattered in less than 3 minutes. The rest of the set will not be used in any type of heat application and I will use as a bowl for mixing cold dips or salsa. Beware using these around any heat.
Missy's momie
March 1, 2018
Love the dishes/bowls, great price also, and would have loved them more if they had arrived in tact.Two of the five bowls were broken. Their box was NOT well thought out on the interior design for shipping this much glass and weight. So, will not order again, even though I wanted them and like them. See photo.
December 17, 2017
I looked over the reviews seeing that a few stated they were broken and thought, u201cno, thatu2019s probably just bad luck and wonu2019t happen to meu201d. WRONG. The large one is completely broken and unusable and the smallest are chipped. Bought this to make a few dishes for Christmas so this is a real bummer.
March 17, 2016
I have owned a variety of CorningWare and needed these after a lot of my items were stolen in a series of burglaries. This particular set was great as it will take me a while to get through my boxes to find what I still have. I was a little surprised that the items were smaller than I expected, but the description of course is accurate. I simply had larger items before. The large one in the set is great for cooking several servings of a main dish or making a nice salad. The next size down is good for veggies. The cereal bowl item is actually fairly small but was fine for a thick bowl of soup for me. The two ramekins are so small that they probably would be good for creme brule or another small dessert or you could use them for dip for veggies or whatever. The quality is very good as usual for Corningware. I wish each item had a glass lid and a plastic lid as I do like to bake in all sizes and also store things with lids in all sizes. I suppose they are trying to keep the cost down by reflecting how most people use these and not including lids that might not be used much. This is definitely worth buying, and if you're not reckless they will probably last a lifetime. The white classic design will never go out of style or class with anything. I have all white dishes and when people at my wedding so long ago insisted that I just have color I explained that I'd use table cloths, napkins, and flowers for color and my white will always coordinate, even from other sets. So, this works very well for me, and I highly recommend it. There are other sizes and combinations available that go with this, and it's been around for a few years so I think you're safe getting this and other items at different times. Great wedding gift, housewarming, going to college, etc.
William Byer
November 1, 2017
What happened to the old Corning Ware? I had a set for 30 years and it was good, solid cook ware. I replaced with this set and what a difference! The bowls are much thinner and the glass covers do not fit at all, they slide off the bowls way too easily. That's a real hazard when you are taking them in and out of the oven. Very disappointed. Perhaps the quality issue is that they are being made in China. What happened to
July 26, 2017
Absolutely love! This review is for the 20 piece set. I love how I can just put the plastic lid on the same dish I cooked in to store left overs, then take it out to heat it up using a glass lid. They are great in the oven, on the grill, or the microwave.

Just be careful with sudden temperature changes. I have never had a dish or lid crack/break. I don't preheat oven and then put these in. I put them in and then turn on the oven. And with my grill, these dishes are not sitting directly on heat/flame. And I'm careful cooking at high temperatures. I don't cook over 450 in the oven or 500 on the grill. With the microwave, I let the dish sit out on the counter for a few minutes first.

I had two oval dishes with the glass and plastic lids, but it wasn't enough for us. Now I have two more in those sizes, plus more! I was not sure of what was included in the 20 piece set based on the description and didn't know if the photo was accurate. I took a chance and I am pleased that the 20 piece photos is accurate! I received all that!
April 22, 2016
I love the modern look of this set. It contains all the pieces I need, .So many pieces for $39.99 with free shipping is a real bargain. Except for the small ramekins they all nest together for storage, even the glass lids. The plastic lids make it possible to set the bowls on top of one another in the fridge. I never used my 40 year old Coring ware on top of the stove, so I don't miss that feature in these. I dropped one of the old bowls and broke it and a lost another at a pot luck .I hope these new ones last 40 years. Love them!
September 13, 2018
A must have in any kitchen!!!
I love this set. I'm not sure how i survived without them.
The glass lids aren't too durable though. The first use one was in the sink, and While i was washing it, I narrow piece of glass managed to break a part and end in my thumb. I had to pull it out which was difficult, because it was such a narrow, thin sliver of a piece.
Thankfully it was only a small piece but none the less, the edging on the glass lids seems to be fragile. But it is glass. I just tend to put them in dishwasher now.
I never emailed company. I'd assume if i had they'd replace lid?!?
posted some pics.
But I must say, this set is great! It's used daily in my house. I truly don't know how I've managed without them.

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