Badger Air-Brush Co. 50-0053B 2-Ounce Jar and Cover, Box of 6

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  • 2-Ounce clear glass jar
  • Ideal for paint storage
  • 33-millimeter neck; jar attaches to Badger and Thayer and Chandler siphon feed airbrushes with 50-208 or 50-308 jar adaptor caps
  • Lid includes inner seal
  • Distributed by Badger Company

Badger Air-Brush Co. #50-0053B 2-ounce clear glass Jars and Covers (box of 6) are ideal for paint storage. Lid includes inner seal and jar features 33-millimeter neck. Jar attaches to Badger and Thayer and Chandler siphon feed airbrushes with 50-208 or 50-308 jar adaptor caps. Distributed by Badger Company.

Customer reviews(8)

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Barbara J.
April 13, 2014
My husband uses the 2oz jars with his airbrush for his model railroad hobby. These jars are HORRIBLE!!!!!! First of all, the liner inside the lid is now styrofoam. It used to be a pulp liner that stood up to all paints. It you're using a solvent based paint, you MUST remove the styrofoam liner or it will dissolve into your solvent based paint (I use Floquil solvent based paints for weathering along with Testor's Dullcote) and ruin your paint and clog up your airbrush. The other problem is the lids won't stay tight on most jars. You'll find one from time to time that's OK. Most of the jar lids will never really tighten up. They will tighten to a point and then pop loose and you'll have to tighten them up again. I've also had some jars actually drop right out of the lid and land on the floor. I've had glass and paint everywhere. I also have lots of problems with the jars leaking paint everywhere because I can't tighten them good enough without popping loose or falling right out of the lid.

Badger jars used to be excellent. Like I said above, they had pulp liners that didn't leak. They also had metal jar lids and not the cheap flimsy plastic. Badger makes nice airbrushes but these jars fall way short of being acceptable.
April 28, 2018
The jars are a good size and feel like nice, thick, quality glass. Unfortunately, the box that they were in (the product box, not the Amazon box) was very thin, non-corrugated cardboard, with dividers made of the same paper-thin material placed between the jars. When I picked up the packaging, I heard what sounded like shifting sand. Upon opening the box, loose glass slid out. Luckily, I opened it over the larger Amazon box or I'd still be vacuuming it out of my carpet. I wouldn't recommend ordering this unless they change the way these are packaged.
March 15, 2018
got them to store paint for a few days and so far okay. not for long term storage
October 9, 2016
The caps fit poorly, and have a foam insert that is not resistant to solvents like lacquer thinner.
Christopher Delp
February 16, 2017
Bought these to work with my badger 250-Z. They really don't thread properly on the sprayer.
Frequent Customer
July 12, 2017
These bottles do not fit the badger airbrush. I tried them on 3 different model 250 badger airbrushes and the bottle neck outside dimension is too large to fit where the bottle is supposed to tread into the airbrush.
david campbell
April 23, 2014
I thought I would give them a try but as others have said the quality of the caps is lacking. In addition to the Styrofoam liner, the caps will only tighten so much before they will pop off, causing a poor seal. I also ordered the 3/4 oz at the same time which are better quality (what I would expect from plastic caps) and made in the USA compared to the 2oz being made in China
Amazon Customer
February 7, 2016
The lids are pretty cheap and hard to screw on perfectly.

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